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Welcome to the official blog and online presence of Mark Tahiliani! Here you will find background information, details on current projects, and interesting content collected and shared from around the web.


As an individual focused on helping others in health and wellness, Mark founded the Awareness Corporation in 1994 as a part of his vision to bring the proven benefits of a Mediterranean inspired diet and lifestyle to families everywhere. The company provides a full line of natural supplements that address common needs such as weight loss and delivering daily vitamins and other essential nutrients. Mark Tahiliani brings his extensive experience and ability as a naturopathic doctor to personally help create products that improve the lives of others. After overcoming health challenges of his own, he committed to sharing his knowledge and assisting others to do the same. The Awareness Corporation started in Canada and later rode a wave of success to an expansion into the United States. What started as a personal health project has evolved into a respected multi-national business that has thrived for well over 15 years!

Current Projects and Activities:

In addition to his role as President and CEO of the Awareness Corporation, he has provided education services that include teaching, public speaking at international health conferences. He has even had the prestigious honor of twice being selected as a guest speaker at the Surgeon General’s Health Professionals Conference. To this day, he remains actively involved in new product research and development with the Awareness Corporation while giving back to the community by supporting a number of local charitable organizations through the Awareness Community Outreach Program. His charitable contributions include the Homeless Haircut Marathon which provides grooming, haircuts, and clothing for the homeless and the Child Crisis Center which provides shelter for children in need.

Additional Information:

In his spare time, Mark enjoys spending time with his family and engaging in activities that promote health and fitness. Some of his favorite activities include working out, snowboarding, traveling, and researching natural health and wellness. Be sure to check back for new content including updates on current projects, lifestyle tips, and personal book and movie recommendations.

For more information about the charities or company above, please visit their respective websites. Additional details and contact information for Mark Tahiliani can be found on his LinkedIn or official Google Profile. To keep up with the latest news and personal developments, be sure to follow him on Twitter where he provides helpful health and fitness related tips.

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